Joseph Smith

Football is in the air.

It’s so close you can almost hear the cheers from the crowd, the band playing your team’s fight song, the scent of fresh-cut grass, and the food from every tailgate.  

It’s Week One, so I’ll spare you the endless argument of which team is better and who will win what game.

The only things that I can say for certain are that by end of the weekend, another college football season will be underway, and though at least two SEC schools will suffer a loss, we will once again begin to witness the greatest football in the greatest conference.

There are plenty of questions that need to be answered for every university, whether it is who’s going to be taking the reigns at the QB position, who will be the next great running back, or whose defense will be able to stop the powerhouse offenses.  Some will be obvious in week one, yet some will take more than half the season.  

One thing we can all agree on, though, is that waiting for football season to begin feels a lot like being a kid on Christmas Eve. You’ve been thinking about it all year.  

The excitement surrounding college football in the South truly never ends. We just go from the regular season, to bowl games, to recruiting, to spring ball, to summer workouts, and back again.

See, what people from around the country don’t understand is that we aren’t just fans down here.  We are fanatics, and we are ready to continue our domination.

Throughout the season, I will attempt to predict the unpredictable. I won’t claim to be the most in-depth or unbiased person, but I’ll be as factual and fair as possible (most of the time).

So check back next week, and never stop chanting S-E-C!

Joseph Smith is a Pell City resident and SEC fan(atic).

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