In their third game of the season, the Ragland Lady Purple Devils pulled out a 50-19 win over the Pleasant Valley Raiders. Scoring 40 points in between the end of the first period and the sound of the final buzzer, the Purple Devils maintained a steady lead and ended the game in victory.

Paige Gann was the star player that night, rounding up 16 points, 10 rebounds and three steals. Lauren Wright played hard with nine points, two rebounds and one steal, and J.J. Looney brought in eight points, 10 rebounds and five steals.

The game ended with 21 offensive rebounds and 18 defensive rebounds on Ragland’s behalf, pulling in a landslide win.

Ragland 30, Jefferson Christian 49

Ragland’s varsity girls played a hard game ending in a tough 49-30 loss to the Jefferson Christian Academy Eagles.

Paige Gann led the Purple Devils with eight points, eight rebounds, one steal and two assists, while Emily Church also played well with seven points, three rebounds and four assists. Reagan Campbell scored seven points as well and J.J Looney brought in five points, five rebounds, three steals and two assists. The downfall of the game lied in Ragland’s 26 turnovers.

Ragland 44, Ohatchee 54

In their first game of the season, The Ragland Lady Purple Devils gave their all in a devastating 54-44 match against the Ohatchee Indians.

But despite the loss resulting in the Purple Devils’ 36 turnovers, there were surely high scorers in the game. Paige Gann led with 15 points, 9 rebounds and three steals, though Emily Church followed closely in point count with 14 points, four rebounds and two steals.

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