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MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Compelling coverage of a natural gas disaster that affected thousands of people in Massachusetts, the waste of tax dollars by antiquated townships in Indiana, and the dismissal of an admired college coach for misconduct in a small Iowa town highlighted distinguished journalism in the annual Best of CNHI contest for work in 2018.

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Countless messages of support and gratitude from across the nation continue to pour in for the family of a 23-year-old Pennsylvania woman whose frank portrayal of her struggle with heroin addiction and overdose-related death have resonated beyond Central Pennsylvania.

HANCOCK, N.Y. –– During the 19th century, transgender individuals were often persecuted and, in extreme cases, incarcerated and/or put in insane asylums. All of these things happened to Joseph Israel Lobdell, who began life as Lucy Ann, and whose relative is sharing his story, over a century later.

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WASHINGTON - The White House blocked a number of news organizations from attending an informal briefing Friday, a rare and surprising move that came amid President Donald Trump's escalating war against the media.