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As concerns over COVID-19 grows, so does the pollen count. Today is the first day of spring and pollen can already be found making cars yellow…


Recently, a home vegetable gardener who was perplexed with her latest squash harvest contacted me. Until recently, she had been dining on beau…

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(RNN) - A pharmaceutical company has issued a recall of an injectable antibiotic that contains mold. The problem was discovered when a product complaint led to the discovery of a white, particulate matter floating in a flexible bag containing the drug.

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The flooding from Hurricane Harvey, which has wreaked havoc in Texas, is both catastrophic and historic. The reported death toll rose to at least nine Monday, and officials were projecting that as many as 30,000 people will ultimately be evacuated from flooded homes in Houston and other cities and towns in the state.

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A recent article in the British Medical Journal set off a bit of a firestorm with its claim that “the antibiotic course has had its day.” The authors challenged the very widespread belief that you should keep taking every last dose of antibiotic prescribed by your physician even after you feel better. This advice has long been claimed to be key to preventing antibiotic resistance.

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Meet Melanie Self. She has worked as a cashier at the Pell City Walmart for about two and a half years. I first noticed Melanie as I was stand…