Tara Crisan Sweatt

Tara Crisan Sweatt

The Ashville High School softball team brought home the hardware with a 5-0 record at The Corner Classic. AHS wrestler, Layden Olsen is one of two students in the schools history not to allow one point against him at sectionals. Then, he beat every opponent in his weight class to become state champion.

Way to go, ladies and gentleman!

Don’t forget the Bowtie Bulldog Theater Company’s Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is Friday night at 7 p.m., Saturday at 7 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m. Tickets are $10 a piece.

Tigers for Tomorrow Zoo has begun their group environmental and educational group tears for Spring. School groups, Home School groups, Sunday School groups, any group as long as they meet the minimum price requirements. $10 for children, $20 for adults to total a minimum of $220. For more information or to book text Susan at 256-364-6413 or go to untamed mountain@gmail.org. These prices are temporary. Hurry before they change the rates.

Horse Pens 40 is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a hiking hunt. Four leaf clovers will be hidden on the walking trails. Day pass prices are reduced to $8. Children are free. Nothing has been said about wearing green. But better to be prudent than pinched!,

Pell City opened its doors March 3. However, it is not just about Pell City. There is an exhibit dedicated to The Making of Alabama and many historic jewels that go beyond the city, county and even the state. One of which is interviews with the city’s oldest citizens including WWII veteran, Robert Curl, who was at Normandy on D Day.

Some say the WWII generation was the greatest generation. We are losing them, their memories, their legacy. Curl is 97. Theirs is a history for us all.

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