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Makers Mercantile is a brand-new shop in downtown Odenville with a variety of merchandise. Located at 14010 Hwy 411 in Suite 103 across from Jack’s and the U.S. Post Office. “Makers Mercantile began as a dream years ago. I loved to watch my dad build things in his woodworking shop. I loved to watch my mom knit, crochet and make handmade gifts for friends or family. I watched my parents and grandparents garden, plant things and watched them grow into these beautiful plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables,” says owner, Wendy Pickett.

About a year ago Wendy was talking to her cousin who owns his own realtor business and he asked Wendy what her passion was. She indicated that she’d have to get back to him with that because she had never thought about it. Later, she called him up back and said, “I love to garden, I love to see things grow or be made.” Conversations continued about things not being as well built as they used to be. They laughed and agreed that between them, they had probably bought six refrigerators, but swore that their grandparents had the same one for as long as they could remember.

That’s when Wendy realized that her passion was “Quality”. She loves quality products that last and give years of enjoyment. Not only was quality something that was much needed for products for the home, but also for produce and flowers that we bring into our homes and kitchens. With a little bit of studying and research, Wendy found that there just wasn’t a place to get quality local goods. If you wanted them, you would have to wait for an event or gathering where vendors sold their products. Wendy decided to reach out to some of them and see if they were interested. They were and Makers Mercantile was born.

When she began looking for a building to put the products in, Wendy found that she only had to look at one. The first one was perfect. It sat right at the Odenville main road near the post office on Hwy. 411.

“I lived in Odenville for a while in the late 1990’s and worked at the post office around that same time and loved it. Now I live in Moody and I love it, too. So, I decided that since I loved both cities that I should live in one and open my business in the other. Odenville people have been so kind and I love meeting them and talking with them. I have some customer’s that stop in almost daily just to say hello,” says Wendy.

When Wendy went to get her business license, she realized that she didn’t have a name for the business and goes on to explain. “I knew that I liked the thought of a Mercantile and I knew the store was for Makers so that was it. I had a name. I opened Makers Mercantile on Dec. 7, 2019. We had our first paint party, Do You Want to Build a Snowman, on Dec. 14, 2019. Everyone had a blast. We will definitely be doing another paint party soon. We are always welcoming new vendors and are hoping to get some new crafters that will be available to teach a DIY.”

Gardening and garden tools are definitely something that the mercantile will be looking at for springtime. Hopefully, some gardening experts will be available to do some DIY’s.

Also, in the spring, plans are to have some local produce and cut flowers. If there are any local plant and flower growers, Wendy would love to invite them into the Mercantile. That’s just something they can never have enough of.

Most of the local bee keepers Wendy has talked to sell out of honey quickly shortly after each rob which is twice a year, so plans are to carry bee products as often as possible. More kids’ classes will be coming soon and some fun things are planned for summer break.

“I talk to people everywhere I go and they always say how much they love handmade and local products. I have found that local growers and makers are limited in their avenues to sell their products. Online sales are difficult because people want to put their hands on the product. They want to smell the soap, they want to smell the candles, see the freshness of the produce, touch the fabric that the pillow is made of. Buying local handmade has a quality that can’t be duplicated. Each item is made uniquely and by an artisan who selects quality resources for their creation. Their creation is their character. They pour their heart into it. Local is made from the heart,” Wendy shares.

Makers Mercantile carries quality products that are made from the heart, loves the community and wants to provide a beautiful environment where local and homemade/handcrafted are celebrated. Current inventory includes some women’s clothing items, home décor, candles, artwork, gift items, furniture, jewelry, CBD oils and more plus new items are being added regularly.

“We look forward to serving the community and providing quality items that the community can get behind and support. My name is Wendy Pickett and I created Makers Mercantile. I hope to meet you soon and provide you with wonderful items. Stop by and say hello.”

Makers Mercantile still has room for Makers of all kinds including bakers, woodworkers, glassblowers, pottery makers, crocheters, knitters, quilters, and everything else that can be imagined.

Wendy welcomes you to Makers Mercantile and would love to see you stop in soon. For more information about Makers Mercantile, please contact Wendy at 205-629-0415.

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