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Two of my cousins from Massachusetts were here for a visit last week. Besides the enjoyment of just being together, they were enchanted with my flower beds and delighted with the dozen or more hummingbirds at our feeders. They told me “growing season” is over up there, and another cousin tol…


The family farm is an American tradition but unfortunately it is in danger of fading away as there are now less than a million people in the U.S. that claim farming as their primary occupation. This represents a loss of almost 5 million farms since 1935. Family farms, exhibiting self-suffici…


Does your spring garden have you stumped? Is a question about mulch or roses setting you back? The Alabama Master Gardeners are standing by ready to answer questions on the Master Gardener Helpline.

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You may not have said those exact words, but I’m pretty sure all of us in Alabama are sick of this cold weather. Fear not. Spring is on the way, however unlikely that seems when it was 37 degrees last night. But spring is on the way. I promise.

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