Family vacation plans derailed by COVID-19? Don’t cancel those plans just yet! Reroute to a staycation- fun time close to home and less expensive than full-blown vacations. This alternative can be designed to fit almost any budget, abide by social distancing and shelter-in-place mandates while rejuvenating the entire family! 


Devoting time to advance planning can ensure a thoughtful staycation that your family will enjoy! It also allows you to shop judiciously and plan for activities that won’t negatively impact your budget. To jumpstart the planning process, consider a few probable dates and pencil them on your calendar. Next, begin brainstorming what you want to accomplish with your staycation; Pack those elements into your plans and press go. The following are popular staycation destinations to potential explore.


Traveling the globe from your own home is now a virtual reality! With 360 filming technology, your family can trek across the world and capture unbelievable vacation experiences.

Check out these ideas to get started!

National Park, USA

National Aquarium

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The Metropolitan Opera


If your family is healthy, you are permitted to visit a local park to exercise while practicing social distancing. During this potential outing, you can engage in activities such as hiking, bike riding, running, walking pets, etc…  Adding exercise to your family staycation invests in  reduction of depression, stress, anxiety, helps to ward off disease by strengthening the immune system and promotes overall health and wellness.


Whether cooking out or dining in, family dinners at home are perfect for bonding. 

Simple or infused with entertainment and games, regularly dining together as a family is correlated with multiple benefits and leads to increased communication among family members.

Remember to keep conversation lighthearted and reserve reprimanding and certain serious conversations for a later time to keep your staycation enjoyable. You may consider unique conversation starters or similar as special ingredients to your meal!


During these uncertain times, the staycation is a vehicle to staying within budgets, staying safe while staying engaged with family! Explore new avenues, today, that lead to enjoyable family moments and lasting memories!  

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