Two local young men, Benjamin Reagin and Jeremy Booth, have recently been awarded the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout. Both highschool seniors and lifelong friends these two have been active Boy Scouts of Troop 61 for over six years.

On Friday May 8, these young men were officially recognized at an Eagle Scout Court of Honor held within Moody City Hall. Acting as Master of Ceremony, Mr. Rodney Green oversaw event proceedings with Mr. Walter Gunn narrating throughout the ceremony. Special guest speakers included Moody City Mayor Mr. Joe Lee, Knights of Pythias representative Mr. Jim Collett, and United States Marines SGT. Allen Pels and SSGT. Eric Bellard. They received certificates of achievement from numerous public officials, to include: Governor Bob Riley, Senator Richard Shelby, as well as President Jimmy Carter.

To earn Eagle Scout rank, the highest advancement rank in Scouting, a Boy Scout must fulfill requirements in the areas of leadership, service, and outdoor skills. A number of specific skills are required to advance through the ranks—Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life, and Eagle. To advance, a Boy Scout must pass specific tests that are organized by requirements and merit badges. Of these requirements, both Benjamin and Jeremy had to perform a service project for the betterment of their community along with earning twelve merit badges needed to attain Eagle, not to mention the several other badges they earned along the way.

Looking back on the event, I recall one portion of the ceremony which stood out to me the most. It was a symbolic walk demonstrating the journey each young man took while on the quest to achieve each subsequent rank towards Eagle. Each step represented the years these scouts committed towards a goal of which many fail to achieve; a commitment to attain an honor that is recognized far and wide for the strength and dedication, which is rarely found within this day and age. To achieve the rank of Eagle Scout is not merely an impressive title to flaunt, but a way of life, which is representative of a world in which we all should strive to live.

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