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Milo's is one of many restaurants to call Pell City their new home in 2020.

The Pell City Chamber of Commerce accomplished multiple tasks and hosted multiple events in the wake of Covid-19. Looking back at an unconventional 2020, Executive Director Urainah Glidewell shares highlights of the year as well as what to look forward to in 2021.

The Obstacles of the Pandemic

When the pandemic struck America in March earlier this year, it drastically changed policies for gatherings, events and other activities. While this led to the cancellation of the annual Block Party in June, other events continued despite the challenges of meeting health and safety guidelines.

Glidewell believes events such as the Christmas Tree Lighting and the Business and Citizen Awards are important to the community.

While both events either had to cut down on their attendance or change their venues, the show still went on. Christmas activities such as the parade led to multiple residents expressing their pleasure with the event.

“We have only heard positive feedback about the parade,” Glidewell said.

Furthermore, the Chamber contributed to aiding residents during the pandemic in other ways. At the start of the outbreak, the Chamber pitched in to handing out over 300 gallons of hand sanitizer to local businesses. The hand sanitizer was also made locally by Benjamin Moore.

Also, the Chamber ensured open lines of communication for accurate information regarding Covid-19.

New Businesses

Throughout 2020, multiple businesses saw their doors open in Pell City. There were multiple ribbon cuttings hosted by the Chamber throughout the year, as a way of showing their excitement for choosing Pell City.

Businesses such as Milo’s, Stevens and Sons, Huddle House and BEI Printing all call Pell City their home now, something Glidewell is proud of.

What to Look Forward to in 2021

The start of 2021 will bring on new changes, challenges and opportunities for the Chamber.

On Jan. 14, the Chamber will bring on four new Board of Directors to add to their team.

Events such as Business After Hours and Business of the Month awards will continue into 2021.

According to Glidewell, they are planning on having the Block Party in June, giving residents something to look forward to.

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