Student contest winners are, from left, Connor Hamlin, Jacob Hazelwood, Chrissy Lynch, Corey Kirby and Angela Earnest.

With a passion for poetry and a determination to make a difference, the Writers Anonymous poetry writers organization partnered recently with the Pell City Council of the Arts to sponsor a Spring Poetry Contest at Pell City High School and at Duran Junior High School. Students were asked to write on the subject of “Identity,” a topic which encouraged students to think about who or what had made them what they are.  A panel of three judges determined the winners.  In addition to awarding cash prizes to the winning authors, the Writer’s Anonymous group paid for all six winners and a chaperone/sponsor from each school to attend the joint meeting of the Georgia Poetry Society and the Alabama State Poetry Society held on April 20, 2013.  At this gathering, the students were given the opportunity to attend informative workshops,  and to hear U.S. Poet Laureate, Natasha Trethewey speak.  Judges for the contest admitted that choosing the winning entries was difficult, because as one judge put it, “All the poems were winners.”  Winning poetry selections are currently on display at the Pell City Public Library.

Official winners for the contest from Pell City High School were:

First Place:  Hayden Tumlin for “I am”

Second Place:  Andrea Jolly for “To Be a Wallflower”

Third Place:  Devin Torbert for “Where We Went Wrong”

First Honorable Mention:  Breanna Harris for “Rising”

Second Honorable Mention:  Katie Tray for “Ribbons and Bows”

Official Winners for the contest from Duran Junior High School were:

First Place:  Angela Earnest for “The Ocean”

Second Place:  Corey Kirby for “You Can’t Change Who You Are”

Third Place:  Chrissy Lynch for “The One Plant”

First Honorable Mention:  Jacob Hazelwood for “Me, Myself, and I”

Second Honorable Mention:  “Connor Hamlin for “Brother”

Writer’s Anonymous formed about a year ago following a Night of Poetry held at the Pell City Library.   That event, spearheaded by poet Rita Moritz, was a great success, leading to the ultimate formation of the Writer’s Anonymous Poetry group.  Gathering steam and support, this group, led by Moritz, meets monthly at the Pell City Recreation Hall.  So far, they have sponsored a creativity workshop, and sponsored poetry contests at local schools.  Future workshops, contests, and other activities are also being planned.  

An Arts and Crafts Show fundraiser to support the activities of this group is scheduled for Saturday, May 11 at the Pell City Civic Center from 9:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m.    The public is invited to browse for Mother’s Day gifts and more at this event.  Artists and craftsmen interested in renting a table for this event may do so by picking up and completing an application at the Pell City Library or contacting Rita Moritz at rita_moritz@yahoo.com.  Cost for a single (6-ft table) is $25.00 or 2 tables for $40.00.  All monies garnered from table rentals or made from donated items sold at the Writer’s Anonymous table will be used for future Writer’s Anonymous projects.  

“We still have tables available for the craft show, and we’re expecting a big turnout that day,” says Moritz.  

Those interested in joining the Writer’s Anonymous group are encouraged to attend the monthly meeting held on the first Thursday of each month at the Pell City Recreation Hall, located at 311 19th Street .  Meetings are held from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

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