P.J. Wright has been named the new head football coach for St. Clair County High School.

“I am excited to come home,” said the Trussville native. “Family is what is most important to me.”

SCCHS could see a significant increase in funding if a September tax initiative passes. This potential increase, along with a large talent pool, has Wright believing St. Clair County is on the verge of reaching new heights.

“I believe it’s about to explode with success across all athletics,” Wright said.

Wright says an on-campus football stadium, new field house and a turfed field are all potential moves that could be seen in the near future.

A graduate of West Alabama in Livingston, Wright has made multiple coaching moves throughout Alabama, including a 13 year stay at Davidson High School and a four year stay at Baker High School, among others. Wright comes over to St. Clair from his four years as coach of Ardmore High School.

Wright’s first coaching job came as a coach on the first ever staff for Oak Mountain High School. It was there, among a plethora of other coaches who would go on to be successful, that he learned some of the values and strategies he still holds close today.

Wright describes himself as detail oriented, timely and efficient. He is a firm believer in doing things the right way in the most beneficial way possible.

“I am a strong believer in sweating the small stuff. Every staff I have been on has stressed the small things,” Wright said. “We want to work and we want to have fun.”

The St. Clair County football team will have their next season in the Fall of 2021.

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