Awareness Series

Over the last six weeks we have tried to lay before the public an understanding of domestic violence. In what we titled, the Awareness Series writers Carrie Turner Leland and Susan Strawn Britt looked at what is domestic violence, the characteristics of a batter, why victims stay, the effects on children and what makes for a healthy vs. unhealthy relationships.

The idea for this series of articles was prompted by the sad and sorted tale of the Pell City Parks and Recreation Director and his wife. The urgency of domestic violence education was cruelly reinforced when a Pell City woman was murdered by her estranged husband who, after murdering his wife, committed suicide.

Both of these incidences point to the real and under appreciated facts of domestic violence.

St. Clair County should adopt a zero-tolerance policy toward domestic violence with law-enforcement and prosecutors bringing the full weight of the law against the perpetrators of these crimes.

Soon the YWCA will open a domestic violence shelter here in St. Clair County, if you have been touched by these articles please show your appreciation by contributing to the YWCA.

By Any other Name

Say what you mean and mean what you say, is sage advice unless you are a lawyer, politician or cheating spouse.

Then, of course, nuance is the preferred form of the polished lie.

Nowhere have we seen this nuance more effectively used than in the case of the term, “charity electronic bingo machines.”

This, however, is not even a polite lie; it is use of semantics to protect corruption of the highest order.

These machines are gambling devices plain and simple.

Personally, I think that gambling is unethical, however that does not mean it has to be illegal. The state can determine that gambling is legal and those of us who disagree can go to the ballot boxes next election and seek change.

But to call something “charity electronic bingo,” compounds the lie and seeks to make fools of those of us who know better.

As my pappy said, “You can put a pig in a Sunday suit but it’s still a pig.”

Is Shooting Star Entertainment Group, LLC, at charitable institution or just a front for gambling interests? Why are they willing to spend millions to bring “charity electronic bingo,” to Ashville?

No, this group hopes to make millions in the name of charity.

The word charity can be described as Christian love; representing God’s love of man, man’s love of God, or man’s love of his fellowmen or it can be used to mean benevolence to others less fortunate than ourselves; the providing of goods or money to those in need.

I don’t see how Shooting Star Entertainment Group, LLC, or the city of Ashville meets either definition.

This whole sorted affair is nothing but a hoax wrapped in legalese, promulgated by a lie to perpetrate theft.

St. Clair County District Attorney Richard Minor and St. Clair County Sheriff Terry Surles are right to contend that these “charity electronic bingo machines,” are nothing more than slot machines.

But willful blindness seems to be the order of the day and the city of Ashville seems ready to sell its soul to the highest bidder.

To those who use the term “charity electronic bingo machines,” I say that is nothing more than “male bovine, recycled earth droppings.”

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