When you first look over the rooftops of historical downtown, it takes your breath away.  That’s the reaction I get from just about anyone that visits my loft. I chose this location because it reminded me of some of the beautiful cities that I have lived in. The vista of plush, green trees make for the perfect backdrop. It’s charming, bustling with cars, and full of incredible people trying to make a living with their shops… but basically, that’s where the similarities stop.

Unfortunately, there is nothing here to keep this small community’s interest. You don’t see many, if any, of the residents walking the sidewalks.  I can remember as a child going to the drugstore with my grandfather. He would have a cup of coffee and chat with his friends about anything under the sun. My grandmother would drag me a few doors down to the old market, and she would do her shopping as I would watch the butcher cut meat. These were social events, and daily occurrences. Those memories are stronger for me today than they’ve ever been, only because I can see what downtown is lacking. This place is starving, literally, for a place to dine. I know progress has made its way with the mighty corporations, but this historical area should be a venue, not just a landmark.

I’m sure the business owners here would agree with me on everything. For this area to thrive it must have diversity. Unlike larger businesses, these establishments must be symbiotic. They hope that their neighbor’s customers might trickle in and keep them in the black. I, for one, hope that change will come this way. The home owners, entrepreneurs, and employees deserve more, much more.  Such a delightful place as this shouldn’t go to waste. So, until then, I will just enjoy a nice spring day with my windows open. How could I not?  The view is too beautiful.

Brian Goodgame lives in Pell City. He may be reached by emailing editor@newsaegis.com and putting ‘Brian Goodgame’ in the subject line.

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