Helping a veteran

Army veteran Edward Jackson (center) received help when he needed repairs to his home. Retired Marine Matthew Bein, left, and Veterans Outreach Program coordinator Curtis Pippin provided the help Jackson needed when it came to replacing his front door and repairing a portion of the roof.

Lending a helping hand to a fellow veteran. That’s what retired Marine Matthew Bein wanted to do recently as he volunteered his time to help retired Vietnam Army veteran Edward Jackson with some repairs at Jackson’s home.

The repairs were set up by Curtis Pippin, coordinator for the Veterans Outreach Program for the St. Clair County Extension Office.

“Mr. Jackson contacted our office about some water that was coming into his home due to some roof problems,” Pippin said. “I put the need out through our network, and Matthew replied.”

Pippin and Bein worked together to repair a section of the roof over the front door and replaced the existing front door.

“It’s always a great day whenever you can come out and see a guy get happy about somebody fixing his home,” Bein said. “This was a leak problem that had taken place over a period of time. We were able to change the flashing out over the door where the leak is and then replace his front door, so it doesn’t get in the bottom anymore.”

Jackson said this means everything to him.

“I appreciate Mr. Curtis so much,” Jackson said. “He is new to me, and we had a man in there who worked hard before him and he looks like he is going to work just as hard. I appreciate that. I appreciate Mr. Curtis and Mr. Matthew coming out to help me with my problem.”

Jackson said this is the old homeplace (located off St. Clair 22) and he has lived at this particular spot for the past 19 years. He spent all of 1968 in Vietnam with the 4th Infantry Division fighting for this country he loves so much.

Bein added that if there were any other veterans throughout St. Clair County that needed help with any projects around their home, they were unable to do, just call Curtis Pippin.

“He and I will be glad to assist any way possible,” Bein said.

Pippin said the materials for the repairs to Mr. Jackson’s home were donated by Chris Thompson, manager of Home Depot in Pell City.

“The door was donated by Marty Crews, owner of The Alabama Mailbox Company, located in Ashville.

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