Candy Sparks book, Candy Kisses: My Miracle from God, is available for purchase on Amazon and will be available at her book signing on Friday at the Odenville Library.


Turning tragedy into triumph Candy Kisses My Miracle from God is a mother’s tale of her journey in faith.
Struck by three life-threatening illnesses including acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL), disseminated candidiasis (most people who get this only live a week) and pancreatitis (which led to cardiac arrest), then 12-year-old Candy Sparks was fighting for her life.
Candy’s mom, Mary Ellen Sparks, was her number one supporter, not far behind her was Candy’s community.
“Candy represents answered prayers from a whole community, actually a whole county that carried and loved this family through this illness way back in 1997,” said Mary Ellen.
Developing the book over the past several years, Mary Ellen said God would have her write articles every now and again until recently. 
Mary Ellen says the reason she’s able to share their story now is because of God.
“He told me, ‘I want the book now,’” Mary Ellen said.
This Friday, July 27 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Mary Ellen Sparks hosts her first official book signing at Odenville Library. 
“God is really moving the book,” said Mary Ellen. “It has only been out a couple of weeks and I’ve sold 200 copies. Amazon keeps running out.”
Receiving exciting news from her publisher, Gabrielle Vaughn with Legacy Book Publishing in Winter Park, Florida, Candy Kisses will soon be available nationwide in Christian bookstores.
“People are reading the whole thing before they put it down,” Mary Ellen said. “Readers are telling me they’re grabbing hope from it.”
Currently available on Amazon.com for $16.95, Mary Ellen will be selling Candy Kisses at the Odenville Library book signing for $14.
“Two dollars from every book purchase will go back to the library for all they’ve done for us.”
Described as a “very emotional, powerful, tear-jerker with a happy ending,” this faith driven book can only be read with a Kleenex handy.
Told by doctors in 1997 that she would never walk or eat again, Candy Sparks is known as “the town’s miracle.” 
“My book shows how good God is and how powerful he is,” said Mary Ellen. “It shows how a whole community joined together to keep Candy alive.”
Meet author Mary Ellen Sparks at her Odenville Library book signing this Friday to hear more of her story on how she stepped out on faith.
 John 11:25 …”he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.”

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