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SCA visual arts director, Susan Hazzard works on a mural for the Southern Cultural Arts Foundation

An avid supporter of community and art, the Southern Cultural Arts (SCA) Foundation started a program that will bring the two together in a colorful way. 
New to the Pell City and Eden communities is a mural program, which is open to community involvement and will bring themed murals to the inside and outside of several buildings in the area.
Starting Jul. 25, 2012, the SCA formed with a mission to “Advocate, promote and provide resources to qualified individual artists, art organizations and art patrons to insure the development and sustainability of art programs.” Following this mission is the organization’s motto, “Art for All…all for the Arts.” The SCA is bringing mission and motto together for this mural project, which will include SCA artists, community artists and of course, the arts. 
Some of the mural themes that have been submitted for the program include a fashion theme, a patriotic theme, a history of Pell City theme and a lake theme that depicts the beauty of Lake Martin. The exact location of all the murals has not officially been released, but some artists have signed up, and those interested can still sign up. 
Working on the murals will be SCA Visual Arts Director Susan Hazzard in partnership with the Boys and Girls Club, Pell City school system, Victory Christian, registered individuals and companies or organizations that sponsor the projects.
Executive director and president of SCA Dave Bise said that there is such a need for projects like this. 
“Anybody and everybody who wants to be an artist, the foundation gives us the chance to do it.” 
Susan Hazzard agreed remarking that SCA is the best advocate around for cultural arts and community arts. 
“And this program is a great example of the arts supporting the community and the community supporting the arts,” she said. 
To register or to sponsor a mural you can contact Dave Bise at Susan Hazzard can be reached at Hazzard said to all who want to join, 


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