Director of the St. Clair County Emergency Management Agency, Patrice Kurzejeski, says St. Clair County is currently doing very well amidst winter storms hitting much of the northeastern part of the state.

However, they will remain cautious and continue to monitor the situation over the next couple days.

Kurzejeski says there is a possibility of black ice on the road Monday night beginning around 7:30 to 8:00 when the temperature is expected to drop below freezing.

"The main concern are temperatures," she said.

The Alabama Department of Transportation and the Alabama Emergency Management Agency continue to advise motorists to stay off the roads whenever possible.

No power outages are expected within the county, as the ice problems other counties are seeing are not expected to be as bad in St. Clair.

However, St. Clair will enter a hard freeze warning beginning 9 p.m. Monday night to 11 am. the next day. The wind chill is predicted to be in the single digits.

The St. Clair EMA is currently unsure when road conditions will no longer be hazardous, as they wait to see what happens with moisture on the road. The black ice that is possible Monday night could lead into Tuesday morning. Wednesday the temperature is supposed to be in the 30s.

One factor that could impact road conditions is the wind. Stronger wind means a greater chance of moisture being blown off the road.

Pell City and St. Clair schools will remain closed Tuesday.

For more information regarding the EMA, visit their page on the St. Clair County website at

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