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St. Clair County Schools have decided to quit posting to Facebook, and will only be communicating with parents and students through a new app, Twitter and their website after Sept. 29.

The app can be found by entering the App Store on your mobile device and searching “St. Clair County Schools.” Once it is downloaded, users can choose what schools they would like messaging from.

"We want to concentrate all the information into one source," said Superintendent Mike Howard, "as opposed to maintaining several social media pages."

This one stop app will provide all the information from all the schools in the county: news, notifications, sports calendars, even special links to specific activities. The information will come from school officials.

When there is a need to send out a message, an outreach feature of the app will be used. Messages are sent via phone, text, and email to everyone on a child's contact list.

This is particularly convenient for parents and guardians with more than one child at more than one school involved in more than one activity.

"Not everyone has Facebook," the Superintendent said. "But anyone can get the app."

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