St. Clair County Commission

Commissioners (l-r) Tommy Bowers, Jimmy Roberts, Chairman Paul Manning, Jeff Brown, and Ricky Parker. Photo courtesy of St. Clair County Commission

The St. Clair County Commission passed a resolution giving authorization to county law enforcement to issue summons and complaint citations in lieu of arrests.

Gov. Kay Ivey authorized the issuance of summonses in lieu of arrest in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This proclamation is to promote the protection and safety of the citizens by reducing the number of persons being moved in and out of municipal and county jails.

Law enforcement may not issue a summons or complaint citations in lieu of arrest in any of the following circumstances; the person is charged with committing a crime involving violence, threat of violence or domestic violence. The person is charged with the use of possession of alcohol, a controlled substances of in the opinion of the law enforcement officer, poses a risk to public safety. A crime where the victim is a cild, a person driving under the influence, a crime in which a person would require restitution to a victim.

The resolution is effective immediately and will be in effect until Gov. Ivey declares the state of emergency has ended.

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