At their board meeting on Monday, Dec. 14, the St. Clair Board of Education adopted a couple measures to aid teachers and staff during the pandemic.

The board approved an extra 10 COVID-19 days for staff in order to preserve sick days and personal days. COVID-19 days allow for staff who have to quarantine to use those days instead of their sick days.

St. Clair Superintendent Dr. Mike Howard said he did this in order to aid teachers who deal with the virus daily at school.

“We are trying to protect their sick days,” Howard said. “We feel we need to provide extra days.”

The board also approved the use of a $300 supplement to staff to sanitize their work area before leaving for the holiday break.

Officials say sanitizing prior to the break ensures sanitation of the building when staff and students return in January, and it shows appreciation to teachers working in the middle of the pandemic.

“We want to recognize the hard work the staff has done this year,” Howard said.

Howard has made it clear that this is not a bonus in any way, but a payment for a work performed. The supplement is specifically for the sanitation of work areas.

Howard and the board encourage safe practices over the holidays, such as wearing a mask, avoiding large crowds and effectively social distancing, to ensure a safe return to school.

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