Pictured from left Springville Area Chamber of Commerce President Mike Toungette, luncheon speaker Stephanie Hill Alexander and Springville Councilman John Coyne

The Springville Area Chamber of Commerce (SACC) hosted its monthly luncheon last week at Springville Café. On top of the chamber’s to do list was its Christmas in the Country parade.

The parade is this Saturday, December 10 at 6:00 p.m. The parade route starts on Industrial Drive and travels north on US Highway 11, ending at Springville Middle School.

Funding for the parade is provided by the city of Springville, who contributed $2,500 for this year’s parade, as well as money made from selling historic Springville ornaments on display/sell at the library. Grateful for the city’s contribution, SACC President Mike Toungette said, “We appreciate their commitment.”

As new guests were welcomed to the luncheon, Laurie Henderson, one of the Republican candidates for District Judge in St. Clair County, stood and said, “I wanted to come visit with y’all.”

Stephanie Hill Alexander Community Relations and Charitable Giving Coordinator for Honda served as speaker for this month’s luncheon.

Detailing the progress of the Lincoln Honda plant over the past ten years, Alexander said, “Honda is a great company that has placed a huge investment in the state of Alabama.”

Currently, the Lincoln Honda Plant is the size of 17 super Walmarts and approximately 14 percent of its work force live in St. Clair County. Striving to give back to the community, Honda also gave back $6 million in charitable donations last year with portions of those proceeds benefitting schools in Springville, The Boys and Girls Club of Pell City and The Christian Love Pantry. “We’re very active in St. Clair County,” said Alexander.

Growing up in neighboring Talladega County, Alexander admits she’s a Nascar girl.

Outlining the future of Honda, Alexander told the group we’re growing, adding, “We are here to support you guys. You’ve got a great economic development council here in St. Clair County that works very closely with us.”

Starting back in the Spring, Honda will continue conducting tours on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. “All we ask is for tour groups to wear closed toe shoes and pants” said Alexander.

Saving money and the environment through the company’s commitment to being eco friendly, Honda has also reduced its carbon footprint, which is a priority for the organization.

Looking forward to producing the plant’s first luxury car in 2013, Alexander said, “The process is amazing to watch. That means plenty of jobs are available.”

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