Springville city employees will receive a 3 percent cost of living adjustment and only have to pay half of their insurance deductable for family plans.

The city will continue paying 100 percent of the premium for single employees.

The move comes after city leaders passed a $3.4 million budget for the coming year.

Councilman Herbert Toles said Monday that he was glad to not only see the 41 workers return to a full work week, but also being able to aleviate employees’ concerns over the cost of insurance.

Six months from now the city will revisit its budget to evaluate how things are working out.

All departments were asked to lower their budgets for the next year.

The city only projected a 1.5 percent increase in revenue over the next year. Mayor Butch Isley said the rate wasn’t higher in case the recession continues and city coffers do not fill as anticipated.

The next year’s budget includes:

 * 15% reduction in the Springville Fire Department while still maintaining current services.

* 14% reduction for Springville Police Dept. Curent services and employees still maintained.

* Increase for Street Dept. for purchase of two used vehicles.

* Projected increase in juvenile court services.

* Putting away money in order to pay for next year’s water increases.

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