Springville city council met Feb. 3 in a special work session to discuss a 2 million dollar four way stop project and phase one of a sewer project. The sewer project is to replace the sewage in the old part of Springville, phase one is estimated to cost around 500 thousand dollars. The four way stop is predicted to cost 1.2 million leaving the city a 200 thousand dollar cushion. Matt Adams presented a menu of finance options to the council on how to finance the project. Adams suggested to the council to borrow the money and pay it off in a matter of 20 years. The council did not take a vote on how to fund the project, the decision will be made at the next council meeting

Following the work session, the council had their regular monthly meeting where they held a public hearing for two ordinances regarding sign regulations and CBD products. The city is amending their current zoning regarding temporary signage. The proposal clarifies regulations in regard to promotional signs. The second proposed amendment clarifies and establishes zoning within the city limits in regard to business that profit at least 50 percent of gross revenue from the sale of cannabis based products. No one in attendance spoke on the hearings, City attorney James Hill advised the council to allow the proposals be read and to vote on them at the following meeting.

The council approved a proposal by parks and recreation director Ashley Hay to purchase a new playset for the splash pad at Big Springs Park. The project will cost $7,450 and complies with city water flow rules. The addition will be added to the toddler section of the park.

The council also approved the installation of cameras on eight police vehicles. The instillation has to be done by trained professions, and the cost will be $250 each.

The council also approved a travel waiver for the cities senior center, a sponsorship of the St. Clair County water festival and the appointment of former mayor Ricky Buckner to the commercial development authority.

The next meeting is set for Feb. 24.

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