Grade:  Senior.

Parents:  David and Martha Gipson.

Position:  Running back.  “I’m only playing offense right now.  If I do play defense any this year, it will be at linebacker.”

What he enjoys most about football:  “I like the competition and being around my teammates.  I’ve always loved to play.”

A running back’s greatest challenge:  “Taking shot after shot.  As running back, you take a good bit of hits.”

How he came to the position:  Slated to play quarterback for Springville’s B-team, Gipson broke the growth plate in his index finger at the start of the season and was out for five or six weeks.  When he recovered, he was put in at running back, which he’s played since for the varsity Tigers.

Friday’s win against Anniston:  Gipson rushed for 171 yards and one touchdown.  “It was a big region win for us.  Last year, they beat us bad, so it was kind of like revenge.”

Expectations for his senior season:  “The first step is to make it to the playoffs.  That should be everybody’s goal.  From there, anything can happen.”

The team he’d most like to beat this year:  “I’d like for us to win all our games, obviously, but if I had to pick one, it would be Alexandria.  If we’d beaten them last year, we’d have made it to the playoffs.”

Favorite subject:  English.

After high school:  “I definitely want to go to college.  Nobody’s looking at me at the moment, but I’m going to do what I can to change that.”

Click here for a video of Gipson discussing last week’s win and Friday’s upcoming game.

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