T Tuberville

Following the decision to not unionize by the Amazon facility workers in Bessemer, Sen. Tommy Tuberville released a statement today regarding the vote.

“The folks at Amazon’s Bessemer facility made the decision they felt is best for them, their families and their community,” Tuberville said. “But the important thing is that they had the choice. Alabama’s Right to Work law gives workers a choice in whether they want to unionize or not.”

According to The Washington Post, the partial vote count revealed a 2-to-1 margin against unionizing.

The labor scuffle garnered the attention of the nation. The labor dispute has been called “one of the most high-profile labor battles in years” by The Washington Post.

Tuberville has been outspoken in his beliefs in Alabama’s Right to Work law.

“As workers across the country and in Bessemer have demonstrated, they value their Right to Work protections and I’ll continue to be a strong voice for their rights in the Senate.”

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