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ATLANTA — With just over three months until the November General Election, recent polls are showing the possibility of a split ticket in the state’s top races.  

Polls show incumbent Republican Gov. Brian Kemp with leads over Democrat challenger Stacey Abrams. The same polls show incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock leading Republican Herschel Walker in  Georgia’s U.S. Senate race.  

An Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll of 902 likely voters from July 14-22 shows Kemp at 48% and Abrams at 43%. Warnock leads Walker by 3 points with 46% in that poll.     

Kemp has larger support among voters older than 45, more than a 14 point lead, while Abrams had more than a 30 point lead in voters younger than 30.   

In the AJC poll, 58% of white respondents said they planned to vote for Walker, compared to 28% who planned to vote for Warnock.  

A Survey USA poll by 11 Alive News from July 21-24 of 753 registered voters shows a more narrow lead in gubernatorial race and a wider lead in the Senate race. 

Kemp leads with 45% and Abrams is behind by just one point with 44%.  Abrams leads Kemp among voters younger than 50 by eight points. Kemp leads by 27 points among voters making more than $80,000 per year.  

Warnock led Walker by 9 points 48% of the survey's taker indicating plans to cast a ballot in favor of Warnock. The poll puts Walker at 39%. Among those surveyed who identified as Black, 85% of them indicated plans to vote for Warnock. Walker led by 2% in voters 50 and up and by 35 points of voters of pollsters making above $80,000.

The Warnock-Walker matchup is key race nationally in determining which party controls the Senate. The seat was flipped blue when Warnock was elected in a January 2021 runoff.  

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