Happy anniversary to: Gene and June Ford; Marty and Cathy Riggs; Randy and Drenda St. John; Doyle and Kim Kay; Dennis and Brenda Grizzell and Rusty and Chrystal St. John.

Condolences are extended to the family of Willie “Bill” Hyatt in the recent loss of their loved one.

On Saturday, June 6, 2009, the Ragland High School Class of 56 and 57 were in the fellowship hall of Hardin’s Chapel Church for another reunion.

Mrs. Pat Meads and her sister who are all excellent cooks and gracious hostesses catered the occasion.

Each member of the class enjoyed seeing each other and getting up to date as to where they live and current activities.

There were several people that helped to get all of the planning for the event which were, Jimmy Doyle Pollard; Fabert Davis; Rodney Daffron; Barbara Guthrie and Martha Gail Hathcox.

Special music was furnished by Jerry Neal White, who played many of the 50’s songs on he piano, such as: “Last Date”, “Down Yonder” and also the Alma Mater.

Mrs. Doris Horton was going to help play some songs, but had to leave due to sickness in the family.

All of the members of the class who have passed away were honored. They were: Alfred McGuffie, Katie Hellen Hicks, Juanita Brasseale Crump, Steve Harris, Herman Reaves, Mary Jo Edge, Robert Doyle Herrin, George Ledbetter, Carol June Wood, Franklin Gallups, John Lee Ayers, Clarence Ramsey and Hershel Bean.

Members attended besides Jerry Neal White and me (Agnes) were, Edna Earle Daffron, Janice Blankenship, Martha Gail Hathcox, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Boyle Pollard, Mr. and Mrs. Fabert Davis, Rodney Daffron, Perrigin Williams, Nancy Bunt, Jimmy Wise, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Cameron, Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Joe Ayers, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bunt and Bobby Dollar. Also Jack and Joan Ford attended for a while and chatted with the people.

It was also good to see Jenny Hawkins, which was one of the teachers and lives in Florence.

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