JT (pictured left) poses with his new friends Moody Area Chamber of Commerce board of director Dawn Moore, MACC executive director Andrea Machen and MACC president Tracy Patterson.

Reaching listening audiences as far as News Radio 105.5, WERC’s frequency will allow his voice to bellow. Birmingham radio great Jeff Tyson (JT) has been keeping listeners informed for over 30 years.
Recently he shared his love of radio and Alabama football over lunch at October’s Moody Area Chamber of Commerce’s (MACC) monthly meeting.
Touched by the way the meeting began JT thanked the chamber.
“Props to you all for involving prayer in your meeting today,” he said. “Give yourself around of applause.”
Finding his way to radio via wanting to be a dentist, JT set up roots in Birmingham in 1995 and hasn’t looked back.
“I’ve worked in Washington, Pittsburgh and Phoenix, but when I came to Birmingham the people were just so warm and welcoming I decided to stay.”
While working as a program director for Rick & Bubba, JT came to know Christ again and redirected his life.
Having worked with the organization “Youth in Christ” for many years, he’s passionate about helping high school students become positive productive people.
“I remember hearing John Croyle from the Big Oak Ranch say once ‘I always hear folks say kids just aren’t the same anymore. I say it’s the parents who aren’t the same. If you raise kids the way they ought to be raised they’ll turn out fine. 86 percent of our boys don’t have a father figure in their lives. Those fathers are going to fail them, but Christ won’t’.”
Recalling that powerful statement, JT knew he was living with a higher purpose and following a path He created.
“I’m blessed to be on the air,” he said.
Off the airways and out of the studio JT loves spending time with his family.
He and his wife Judy have a son and daughter. 
Michael who plays tight end H-back as a walk on for Alabama (#46) and Alexandra who’s a fifth grade teacher at Tuscaloosa Magnet School.
“God has truly blessed me with a great family, good friends and good health, I am very thankful.”
Although they don’t always agree with the coaches call as to when Michael, who’s working his way up the rankings to be able to start (he still has three years of eligibility), JT says his kids keep him humble and provide outstanding life lessons for he and Judy.
“I love my kids and what they stand for. They’re a great inspiration to me.”
Starting conversations with listeners throughout St. Clair County and their Greater Birmingham area neighbors, JT empowers people everyday to think for themselves, form an opinion and not be afraid to let their voice be heard.
Walking His Walk and talking the talk, JT invites you to join the conversation every weekday from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. on News Radio 105.5 WERC and relax with him on your drive home with your dial tuned to Magic 96.5.
Relaying a message to all about what makes his household (and life) run smoother, he told the MACC luncheon attendees, “You know what ‘they’ say, if momma’s happy, everybody’s happy.”
JT looks forward to talking with you tomorrow.


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