Last week Pell City Parks and Recreation Director Tim Sweezy was not reappointed to his position at a council meeting after a 4-2 vote.

After his ouster, Sweezy and his wife appeared on AM 1430 WFHK’s radio show and spoke for nearly an hour with host and ex-mayor Adam Stocks about an incident that both Sweezy and his wife called “regrettable.” That incident involved a domestic violence report filed on March 21 by Sweezy’s wife, Rebecca, which stated Sweezy grabbed her by the throat and pushed her against the wall. Later, a supplemental report filed by his wife “clarified” the information on the original report and stated that she did not receive any injury or feel threatened in any way during the March 21 incident.

On the WFHK radio show, both Sweezy and his wife stated that they are working through their issues and though neither of them knows what the future may hold, that they are committed to working through any problems they may have.

Today a 2 p.m., a hearing will be held by the Pell City Council that will discuss Sweezy’s termination in further detail. After his termination last week, many area residents wanted to know more about what issues may have been cause for his firing.

One item that has come to light in the search for a possible reason was a police report filed on November 2, 2006, with the Pell City Police Department that dealt with an incident at the Pell City Civic Center involving Tim Sweezy and a then-19-year-old volunteer.

According to sources inside the police department, on October 28, 2006, 19-year-old Terry Peterson was helping decorate the Pell City Civic Center’s annual haunted house when Tim Sweezy, who was Parks and Recreation Director at the time, allegedly assaulted him.

The report filed on behalf of Terry Peterson stated that during set-up of the haunted house a balloon allegedly popped where a group of young volunteers were working and seconds later Tim Sweezy charged to where the balloon had popped and allegedly pushed Peterson, a five-foot-two, 145-pound legally blind African-American, hard against the wall. It also stated that an angry Sweezy then ordered the group get back to work.

The report also states that then-Mayor Adam Stocks, met with Peterson’s mother and that the mother did not want to press charges. It was recorded that Stocks had resolved the issue and the case was closed.

Peterson’s mother, Charlotte Peterson, who filed the report for her legally-blind son, has recently been in contact with current Pell City mayor Bill Hereford, in an attempt to get her son involved in the Civic Center activities again, since, as she claims, he has not been out of the house since the incident.

“It’s true,” Charlotte Peterson said. “[Then-mayor] Adam Stocks and Tim Sweezy hid the facts that he assaulted my son. My son didn’t do anything to him.”

Peterson claims that there were three witnesses to the event. “They swore out a statement and it all got covered up… My son—after that incident—doesn’t even go out anymore.”

Charlotte Peterson said that after the incident, one of the witnesses called her on the phone to tell her about it.

“I went to the civic center,” she said. “Mr. Sweezy told me that he doesn’t know what happened and that he would have to look into what happened and find out who did it.”

Charlotte Peterson spoke about then-mayor Adam Stocks’ response to the incident. “He said that he was going to take care of it. He took care of it all right. We’re nobodies and nothing happened. Stocks, I have no faith in this man… My thing was that I wanted that man [Sweezy] gone and I wanted that man gone from the time he did this [to my son].”

She claims, “The real truth is that Tim Sweezy assaulted my son who is a legally-blind, physically-impaired person. How would he feel if I did that to him? We sat there at the mayor’s office and he [Stocks] said that he would take care of it. My son never went back out because my son was afraid of him [Sweezy]. He guaranteed me with his own mouth he would take care of it and I said, ‘Good.’ Tim Sweezy told my son he owed him a lifetime [membership] to the Civic Center. My son doesn’t want a lifetime [membership] to the Civic Center. None of us have been back to the Civic Center since that happened. If this man could do to him what he did back then, what would happen if my son went back and he did it again? Why didn’t they lock him up? Why did he keep his job for another three years?”

Despite Mrs. Peterson’s claim, city officials have said that Sweezy did not have the authority to issue a lifetime membership to the civic center.

She said of current mayor, Bill Hereford, “Why is he apologizing for something he didn’t do? He stepped up to the plate and is trying to make it right.”

Adam Stocks, who was mayor at the time of the complaint against Sweezy, recalled the incident. Stocks said that he, Sweezy and Mrs. Peterson met at length to resolve the incident. “After we all [Stocks, Sweezy and Mrs. Peterson] discussed what happened, Mrs. Peterson left my office content,” Stocks said. “That was the last I heard about it.”

When asked why a record of the alleged assault and mayor’s resulting actions had not been included in Sweezy’s personnel file, Stocks said that he had dealt with the matter through verbal counseling. “The mayor is the head of personnel for the city. With almost 150 employees a lot of issues arise,” said Stocks, “Many [problem complaints] have to do with the public. Some are handled with written counseling others with verbal counseling. In this case, I thought that verbal counseling was enough. It is the mayor’s call.”

Tim Sweezy’s recollection of the event was similar to Stocks’. “We met with Adam Stocks, who was the mayor at time, and we met with the mother and the issue was resolved then and there. [We] cleared everything up and it hasn’t been an issue. I was never reprimanded verbally or otherwise. The person that it happened to, they went back to the police station and said it was resolved.”

Sweezy talked about his firing and the speculation by the public on what events may have led to the council’s decision to let him go. “What’s going on doesn’t rise to the level of what happened. You can look at my track record. My track record is clear. There’s a record of achievement and growth and my wife and I both made a mistake. It’s unfortunate that it’s come to this, but I don’t think it’s risen to the level of termination. I was never charged by the police and I was never taken to jail and I haven’t been charged with a crime and I didn’t commit a crime.”

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