Pell City Youth Cheer

Pell City Youth Cheer Senior 3 Group, led by coaches Tessica Jordan and Laura Houchins

Pell City Youth Football’s cheerleaders brought home the gold at their league competition on October 11 in four different age groups. Hosted by the UYFA at the Center for Education and Performing Arts, Pell City competed against squads from Gardendale, Pinson and Fultondale.

Pell City came in first place in the Junior 1 (kindergarten and first grade), Junior 3 (third grade), Senior 1 (fourth grade) and Senior 3 (fifth-seventh grade) competitions.

Amy Myers, Cheer Director for the squads, said she was “certainly proud” of the groups for a variety of reasons.

Pell City usually does not send kindergarteners and first graders and the Senior 3 group had to learn a new routine in a short amount of time.

Despite these obstacles, both groups took home first place honors.

“Our big girl group had to learn a new routine in two to three weeks,” Myers said.

Next up for the cheer squads is the East Central Regional Competition, taking place on Nov. 8 at the Springville Youth Football Complex. Multiple teams will compete, including larger programs such as Spain Park and Hoover. The competition is open to the public.

To prepare for the competition, Myers says her team is going back to look at their scores and taking notes given to them by the judges and tweaking their routines.

“We are nitpicking everything,” Myers said.

The East Central Regional will be the last competition of the season for the youth cheerleaders.

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