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Plans are moving forward for a city volleyball league in Pell City for the Fall. The idea for a volleyball league gained steam in 2020, and a budget for necessary equipment at the Pell City Civic Center was approved by the city council in the capital improvement budget for 2021.

According to city council member Jason Mitcham, who has taken interest in the volleyball league from the beginning, everything will be in place come the Fall season. With volleyball being a Fall sport, people are currently more interested in Spring sports such as baseball and softball.

However, Mitcham says that it will take Joey Morrow, athletics director of the civic center, two to three days to receive all of the volleyball equipment needed. The quote for the equipment is already written up, and just needs to be sent off. The holes to place the poles for the volleyball nets are already there.

Mitcham says people such as Bubba Edge, who is over the civic center, have gone the extra mile to make this happen.

The community has taken interest in the idea of a volleyball league, as kids want another sport to play, parents want their children to have more opportunities and coaches want their future players exposed to the sport at an earlier age.

Junior varsity and varsity coaches from the school system are expected to help out with training.

“It is something kids want to play,” Mitcham said. “J.V. is the first time for a lot of these kids. But with a city league, by the time they get to J.V., the learning curve moves a lot.”

Mitcham says that the coaches in the school system do a good job of staying involved in the city.

“The schools’ athletics work really well with the city sports,” Mitcham said.

The mood is positive that the city league will be up and running on time for Fall. After the success of the city basketball league, despite the obstacles of COVID-19, Mitcham praised the good work of Edge and Morrow to keep Pell City sports up and running.

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