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Pell City was recently recognized with an award from the Alabama League of Municipalities for their work on managing risk and preventing loss over the past year.

The award system recognizes those members who have instituted risk management and loss control activities in an effort to reduce their loss ratio. Risk management and loss control activities not only benefit the member’s loss ratio but also the overall success of the League sponsored insurance programs.

Pell City, for their efforts, received the silver classification award this year. This is not the first time they have received the award. According to City Manager Brian Muenger, Pell City has received the award in three of the past four years with this being the second consecutive year.

The awards are based on the city’s loss ratio, with the gold classification going to those with a loss ratio below five percent, silver being between five and 20 percent and bronze for between 20 and 40 percent.

“This award is a direct result of the safety-related programs the city has implemented in recent years, and the dedication our employees have shown in implementing those changes,” said Muenger.

This award comes after a year with cities struggling to deal with the challenges of COVID-19 on their operations and their employees. According to Muenger, they have increased their city’s budget and lowered their insurance costs. This is due to safety performances within the City of Pell City.

“Our workforce has been doing very well over the past year,” Muenger said. “Our goal is to minimize preventable loss, and we have been succeeding in a big way. Our losses and premiums prove that.”

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