Paul Irwin Jr.

Pell City City police Chief Pail Irwin Jr. (pictured) 

Paul Irwin Jr., Police Chief for Pell City recently attended a Cyber Security Seminar held by BTS Technologies Inc. to better understand the risk to municipalities that Cyber threats represent. With cities like Baltimore and New Orleans facing ransomware and data breaches it is imperative that community leaders understand the steps to securing their city and residents information. The ability to secure cities’ networks and information is made all the worse with strained budgets and a lack of qualified security professionals nationally.

Chief Irwin was informed of the latest threats to Cyber Security by former NSA Analyst and University of Alabama Senior Security Engineer Taylor Anderson. “The threats to Cyber Security are numerous.” Says Roger Wentowski, President of BTS, “That’s why we brought in Mr. Anderson to underscore the severity of these threats. It is made worse in that the cost of remediation runs into the tens of thousands to tens of millions depending on size and severity. Money many cities don’t have or cannot afford to spend.”

Cities are already deploying various pieces of a complete cyber solution whether it is more advanced data back-up, firewalls or adaptive AV; but it isn’t enough. Cities need to deploy next generation cybersecurity solutions to remain one step ahead of hackers, especially where legacy/obsolete systems are in place.

“Minimal protection simply doesn’t cut it anymore.” remarked Mr. Anderson. Mr Wentowski commented further: “We have made a significant investment in cybersecurity technology, educating our team of professionals, and achieving a variety of cybersecurity certifications. This has given us a unique competitive advantage in the marketplace, but more importantly we have the tools and knowledge to provide an unparalleled cybersecurity offering to municipalities.”

“We were extremely pleased to have Chief Irwin in attendance today. When civic leaders take these threats seriously and educate themselves, they can start their cities on the path to security. Taking that first step is difficult and Chief Irwin did that today. That willingness will help safeguard the information of Pell City’s citizens and preserve capital for pressing projects by not paying these thieves. We at BTS Technologies hope to be a continuing resource for the Chief in the coming months as Pell City’s Cyber Security is enhanced."

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