Torch Run

Last week, the Pell City Police Department showed their commitment to the Special Olympics and also to special needs individuals around the world with their 2021 edition of the Torch Run.

The Torch Run is an event where law enforcement agencies all over the world participate to raise money for the Special Olympics as well as other causes of the agency’s choosing. Much of the money is raised through donations and through shirt purchases.

According to Police Chief Paul Irwin, this is the first Torch Run they have participated in a couple of years, with the department hosting Polar Plunges the previous two years, which also goes towards a good cause. Irwin also says this is an event that is near and dear to their hearts.

“It is a great thing to be involved in this,” Irwin said. “Our officers get together for something that is not work related and is going towards a great cause.”

Officers from Pell City, Irondale, Moody, Gardendale and Birmingham participated in the torch run. On Saturday, other officers from areas such as Troy participated. The Pell City officers began their route from the Police Station on 2nd Ave. and ran down 16th St. to Cogswell Ave., with children cheering them on for a large portion of the route. After the route was completed, multiple officers attended the Moody Torch Run as well.

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