Hello, Pell City! Quite a few people from Pell City headed to Pasadena, California last week to watch the University of Alabama’s Crimson Tide take on the University of Texas’s Longhorns in the BCS National Championship Game. 

Residents that made the cross country trip included Charlie and Jackie Robinson; Tony and Jane Ferguson; Lance Bell, Norman Wilder; Dr. Bobby and Debbie Hathcock; Todd Jones, Dondi Lee, and Dr. David Sawyer; Frank and Roseanne Warren; and Eddie Stone. These lucky people not only got to miss several days of below freezing weather in our area, they but also got to witness the Alabama Crimson Tide win their 13th National Championship! Way to go, Bama!  

Someone else who made the trip back from Pasadena to the Pell City area was former Crimson Tide football great, Siran Stacy. Siran was a star running back at Bama in the late 80’s and early 90’s, a two-time All-SEC player, and went on to play in the NFL.

After leaving the NFL, Siran married, and settled down with his wife and 5 children in Destin, Florida. A little over 2 years ago, on his way back from visiting his mother in Geneva, Alabama, he and his family were involved in a horrific accident caused by a drunk driver; Siran’s wife and 4 of his 5 children were killed instantly. Siran now ministers and speaks at churches across the country to share how that sudden loss helped strengthen his relationship with God.

So, after spending the week in Pasadena with many other former Alabama football legends and watching the National Championship Game, Siran arrived at the Atlanta airport at 1 a.m. early Sunday morning and drove to Hardin’s Chapel Baptist Church near Ragland so he could give his testimony to an overflowing crowd at the church that same day.

It was Siran’s first sermon of the New Year, and it was an extremely moving and emotional service. He shared how he went through the stages of grief from shock to anger, and how in the end he realized he had to let go of his feelings of resentment, and forgive the troubled young man who had destroyed his family. He talked about how it was only because of his faith, and God’s grace and mercy, that he was able to overcome such a devastating loss.

There were almost 800 people in attendance at Hardin’s Chapel Baptist Church that morning, and I’d estimate that over half, including myself, were in tears by the end of Siran’s amazing testimony. Many, many thanks to Reverend Doug Ford of Hardin’s Chapel and his congregation for their wonderful hospitality to everyone who attended last Sunday’s service. Also, Brother Doug thanked Coach John Gross from Oxford High School for his help in arranging for Siran to speak. 

After the service, the gracious members of the church also served lunch to over 500 guests and everyone had a great time. 

Happy Birthday this week to Casey Williams, Nancy Crow, Deanna Lawley, John Lonergan, Ronnie Crenshaw, A.L. Courtney, Brooke Reese Jenkins, Jennifer DeGaris, Diane Hood, Brooklyn Isbell, Debbie Bowman, and Seth Brasher.

Happy Anniversary to Bill and Lynn Ervin, and Paul and Sandy McGuffie.  

A surprise birthday party was held for Teri Gagliano on New Year’s Eve at the home of Sarah and Serge Brazzolotto. It was a true surprise for Teri who thought she was just dropping by to say “Happy New Year!” Those attending included Matthew Brazzolotto; Gloria and Bill “Red” Albright; Reverend Michael Sexton; Larry and Sara Reese, along with their grandchildren who were visiting from Florida; Charmaine Booker; Adam Stocks, and sons John William and Jackson; Brian, Margo, Will, and Ryan Curran; and Teri’s husband Michael, and daughters Carly and Ronni. Also attending was Val Galeas, an exchange student from Ecuador who is staying with the Gaglianos and whose birthday was January 3. My husband and I were unable to attend, so I’d like to send my friend and co-worker at WFHK a very special belated “Happy Birthday!”

If you have any news or announcements please call or email me at shonda_news@hotmail.com. Have a great week!

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