After a great deal of discussion among the Pell City council, a final proposal was adopted for the owners of Pine Harbor Golf Course. The city will be offering Pine Harbor owner’s $5,000 a month for five years. This money will add updates to the facility and help keep the course open.

At last Thursday’s work session, City Manager Patrick Draper said that he was continuing to talk to property owners about the lease of Pine Harbor Golf Course. He said that the owners were concerned that without the pool that they had requested, they could not be sure that the city is really committed.

Draper said that with the golf course receiving anywhere from $400,000 to $450,000 a year plus the city paying $150,000 upfront, he thought commitment was obvious. “We also hope that the county will match whatever we pay, and we hope this will mean more improvements as well,” said Draper. He said that the offer of $5,000 a month was very reasonable, especially considering that the city has never ran a golf course.

This deal will be presented as a final offer to the current owners of the golf course now that the council has approved the proposal. “They’re either going to accept that or reject it, but either way we need to move forward,” said Draper.

The city has had members to pledge membership so that the city does not lose money on this deal. Currently the golf course is averaging four golf rounds a day. “ We’re convinced that we can increase to more than four a day,” said Draper. If this increase happens, the city is projected to break even between years two to five of its payments.

After Mondays meeting, Draper was given the approval of the council to move forward with offering the deal to Pine Harbor. Draper said that if they accept the plan, he did not see why the city and the course could not make an agreement right away. 


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