Glenn City Park

New asphalt, paint, playground mulch, new basketball hoops and a public restroom added to Glenn City Park

Pell City held a celebration this past weekend to celebrate improvements made to Glenn City Park. The basketball court was repaved and painted, structures were repainted, new mulch was put onto the playground and a permanent restroom was added to the property.

Ivi McDaniel, the city council member for district 2 of Pell City, was the one who put all of this improvement in motion. When McDaniel joined the board eight months ago, adding a restroom and improving the park was one of her top priorities.

"When I was campaigning I would come over here and do voter registration, and I realized what it looked like. I saw the little kids here. I had to go to the restroom, and they sent me to someone’s house,” McDaniel said that is when she knew changes needed to be made.

Mayor Bill Pruitt shared his pride for Ivi’s project and the dedication she has shown to the community.

“She hit the ground running and she’s been a really active part since she came in. This is incredible, it’s a valuable part of our community and it’s something that needed to be done. I’m glad we were able to get this done for the kids,” said Pruitt.

Brian Muenger, city manager, helped McDaniel by coordinating efforts of contractors and departments to get everything structured and repainted. He feels as if the changes made to the park are an important investment into the community and will make more people comfortable coming to visit it.

“It’s not just about building things, it’s about maintaining and improving and enhancing things and being invested in the community.”

McDaniel shared that a board she works closely with called “Citizens in Action” helped her communicate with the community about what would make the park better.

Rotunda Forman, advisor of Citizens in Action, spearheaded the group after Ivi began her position.

“One of the biggest issues with the park is there was no bathroom on site for citizens to use,” said Forman, “It was really important for this community, and this is all they wanted right here.

Forman is hoping the rest of the districts of Pell City will come together to all have their own Citizen in Action boards. She believes it’s a wonderful way to build relationships between officials and citizens.

“We need to be a medium, some people don’t know how or don’t want to ask. But they complain or are upset when things don’t happen,” said Forman.

Forman also said she’s excited for the children of Pell City to see what it’s possible for officials and citizens to have happy, helpful relationships.

“Let's have a relationship with our policemen, mayor, firefighters,” said Forman. “Let’s stick together, have fun and let the kids see the policemen, and understand what they see on TV isn’t here in Pell City.”

If you live in district 2 of Pell City and are interested in joining or speaking to Citizens in Actions, there is a public Facebook group.

“We’re hoping that this shows the community to get on board. We’re not asking for anything other than for you to be present. Give your ideas, what do you want to see in pell city, what can we do to add to the community,” said Forman.

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