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On Nov. 16 citizens living in the Pell City district will be able to approve or deny a 5 mill increase for the school system. This property tax increase request will be part of the 2021 Fall Referendum.

Millage is a rate used to calculate property tax. 1 mill is $10 per $100,000. 5 mills is equal to $50 per $100,000. At 13.5 plus the requested 5 more, property tax would increase to $180.50 per $100,000.

Norman Wilder, district 5’s board member, said he doesn’t see any reason why someone would vote no.

“Pell City is a diamond in the rough, and it's time we invest in our community and schools to make a difference in our children’s future,” said Wilder. “Therefore, make a difference in our community.”

Pell City’s current millage rate is 13.5, which is lower than other districts in the area, aside from St. Clair County district, which is also at 13.5.

Wilder believes Pell City Schools deserve this increase because the city itself offers Lake Martin. He described it as a “huge draw to the area.”

“Those people don’t have a lake to draw people, and i think that’s under utilized in our community, under advertised,” said Wilder.

The increase would allow the school system to update their sports complexes and buildings. Wilder, as a result, schools will be able to provide more classroom experience and curriculum opportunities.

“We have excellent students here, but we have to give them the opportunity to grow,” said Wilder.

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