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At the work session on Aug. 23, Matt Hawes from the CDG Engineers and Associates presented the council with a report about pavement in the city.

With this review, the city can decide what roads need preventative repair and which ones need a full reconstruction.

75% of roads within the city ranked as good or satisfactory.

“The overall condition of roadways in Pell City are pretty good, as far as the condition ratings go,” said Matt Hawes, a representative for CDG.

Not all roads within the city limits are actually under the responsibility of Pell City. There are multiple private roads, and some that belong to the county.

“The original assessment looked at every signed road within the blueprint of the city. There are large spots that are not necessarily within the city limits,” said Brian Muenger, city manager. “Some are of the responsibility of St. Clair County.”

Hawes said the average lifespan of an asphalt pavement should last 10-12 years.

This review, Hawes said, removes a lot of guesswork, and does not include any political bias. CDG is a third party company that doesn’t know anything about the city other than pavement repair.

“This is an objective review and something you can use in the future for making decisions,” said Hawes.

This is the second evaluation from this company since 2013.

Muenger said the city is already planning to spend $750,000 on Dickey Drive, which is approximately a mile.

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