Patricia McGriff, a K-12 teacher for 26 years, recently announced that she would be running for the State Board of Education District number 6.
Last Thursday McGriff visited St. Clair for the first time, announcing her candidacy to the county’s voters.  McGriff spent the morning with a group of concerned parents before heading to Oxford for a speaking event with Dr. John Killian, president of the Alabama Baptist Convention. 
McGriff is a Republican candidate and one of her main goals, as a board member, is to stop Common Core in Alabama schools. “The Common Core initiative is directed and managed by Washington Bureaucrats, using standards that may not be compatible with Alabama values,” said McGriff. The State Board of Education signed over the authority to set standards for our children to the Federal Government in 2010, and this is where Common Core is derived. “When I am elected to the State Board, I will vote to repeal Common Core and return control to Alabama teachers and parents,” said McGriff.
According to McGriff, no one on the committee for the Common Core was an educator. “They don’t care about family as much as we do either,” said McGriff.
Against federal involvement in our schools, McGriff that she does not want schools to lose sight of values and focus just on these standards. “We’re not teaching love in our schools,” said McGriff. This is one of many reasons why she decided to run in this election.
McGriff said she had several people ask her to run because they know that she will fight for the state to develop its own standards. “I am running because I am very concerned,” said McGriff. “ I love people, and I love children. I also love teaching, and I’m worried about what is happening in our schools.”
McGriff stressed the point that Alabamians are just as smart as anyone else, and she believes that the state will function better if the citizens themselves have word in the standards set for Alabama’s children. “If we keep the common core,” said McGriff, “local schools are not going to be able to control anything.” 
McGriff said that she knows what it is like to be in the classroom and to be a concerned parent. She said that she is running in this election for the children. “This is not about Patricia McGriff,” she said. “This is about being against the Common Core.”
McGriff is a mother, grandmother, and wife of Gary McGriff.  She is active in community affairs in Holly Pond where they have lived for the past ten plus years. Their neighbor, the late Governor Guy Hunt married Patricia and Gary in a private ceremony in the Governor’s home.  She volunteers for the Cullman Commission on Aging and is a Governor Bentley appointee to the Alabama Commission on Higher Education (ACHE).  Patricia and Gary are active members of the Cullman County GOP and the State Party as well.  McGriff is a devout Christian and is a member of a Baptist Church, where she teaches Sunday school.
Patricia has a website at, which contains a complete biography.  There is also a link to her Facebook page.  


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