Well January is almost gone and it will soon be springtime in Odenville. I, for one, am glad winter is almost over. I really love the springtime.

There is not a lot going on at this time of the year, the kids in the fourth grade are almost done with their projects  and I would like to congratulate all the kids who read four books and got tickets to the circus.

The Book Club will meet at noon in the library on Tuesday the 2nd. The selection we read this month was “The Last Picture Show.” Come by and join us for discussion or just to hang out.

The Art Club will meet Tuesday the 2nd at 6: 30 pm at the Civic Center and our guest this month will be portrait artist Rollina Oglesby. If you are an artist or just have an interest in art come on by and join us.

Remember if you have anything you want to see in this article email me at vkblow@yahoo.com or call 205-629-3830.

This Week's Circulars

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