Katie Swinford sings during the Texaco Country Showdown at the Odenville Music Festival.

Whether it was due to notoriety from the success of last year’s event or the drawing power of headliner Confederate Railroad, the Odenville Music Festival saw a staggering influx in bodies at the Old Forestry Seed Location in Odenville during their second-annual event Saturday.

“There were a lot more people, so I’d say crowdwise, it was very successful,” said Trese Mashburn, one of the event’s co-organizers.

More than 2,000 concertgoers passed through the gate, and a total of 50 vendors were on site, selling food, treats and a variety of other items, as well.

It translated to a hefty chunk of change to fund Cops for Tots and storm relief efforts in the coming months.

“We’re going to end up clearing about $10,000,” said co-organizer and Odenville Police Chief Adam Pardue. “We made a lot more this year, but we also spent a lot more this year. We spent about $12,000 this year, when last year we hardly spent anything to put it on.”

As a whole, Mashburn said the event was, once again, a success.

“We had a lot of great talent this year. We had the Texaco Country Showdown, and that had a lot of good talent with it, so we were able to have some really good acts this year. Overall it was a lot more organized, it ran super smooth, we had a lot more vendors, we had a lot larger crowd; The only thing I would hope is that we’d get more sponsorships next year,” she said.

“I think it went great. I haven’t gotten any negative comments, it’s all been positive. The next day, people were asking who we’re going to have headline next year,” Pardue said, noting that the positive feedback from the community indicates towards a third incarnation of the event next year.

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