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Burl Wilson

Northside Apothecary is changing the typical approach to pharmaceutical services for customers.

“Our biggest goal is to differentiate ourselves from the chain,” Northside Apothecary Director Kathy Henry said.  “Chains often dictate a required number of sales very week, and that affects patient care.  Our goal is to change that.”

Since they opened in December 2012, Northside Apothecary pharmacists have been working to provide more individualized care by communicating continually with patients’ physicians to provide more individualized care and improved customer service.

“We want patients to feel like they are receiving total care, so they don’t have to wade through the nightmares of trying to figure out what medications they need and constantly waiting in line,” Henry said.

As people age the number of medications they need typically increases, so by working with physicians, Northside Apothecary wants to keep patients from constantly having to make unnecessary visits to the pharmacy.

“We want to resolve issues, so they only need to make one trip,” Henry said.  “We see these people in our neighborhoods and at church, so we have a more vested interest in their healthcare.”

Northside Apothecary is currently with accredited Medicare programs to provide medical equipment such as walkers and canes.  The pharmacy also participated in discount medication programs to match the $4 and $10 lists found at chain pharmacies like Wal-Mart and Winn-Dixie.

Regardless of the patient’s treating physician, they are welcome to come to Northside Apothecary.

“Patients do not have to see a doctor at Nothside Medical Center to take advantages of the services we provide.” Henry said.

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