Old Jail

St. Clair County will likely see a new jail in the future, along with the certainty of the old jail in Pell City being demolished.

According to County Attorney James Hill parties are in the process of finding a suitable location, evaluating operational costs, weighing in safety measures and dealing with different moving parts.

CMH Architects and Goodgame Co. Inc. are leading the charge of the design and construction of the jail. No design or location have been decided yet. There is no expectation of new taxes in order to generate revenue for the project.

“We are leaning heavily on our professionals,” Hill said.

Hill called the demolition of the jail “imminent” and likely to happen by the end of the year.

Officials say the old jail is no longer cost-effective due to upkeep.

“We are trying to be cost-conscious,” Hill said. “The cost to upgrade and maintain the current jail was not cost-conscious.”

It is the responsibility of the County Commission to build the jail, and the responsibility of the Sheriff’s Office to run the jail.

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