White Flowers

The City of Leeds and the Leeds Area Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting to celebrate the grand opening of White Flowers, at The Outlet Shops of Grand River in Leeds on Friday, April 30, 2021.

“We are so excited to be in this new place with my things and the feeling that my store has,” said Diana Hansen.

Diana and her husband, Eric, are the owners and artists who have been in business for almost 40 years.

Diana worked in art as a wholesaler in New York, Atlanta and Boston.

She dreamed of having her own store to be able to see the people who were actually buying her merchandise and the looks on their faces as they shopped and made their purchases.

Her first storefront was in Mountain Brook Village. Over the years, her boutique moved to Homewood, Brookwood Mall and now The Outlet Shops of Grand River in Leeds.

“I’ve never had an official ribbon cutting and grand opening. In the past, we just opened our door. We’re so happy with the warm welcome we have received here at Grand River,” she said.

White Flowers is a family business. Both Diana and Eric work in the boutique along with their son, Eric Watters.

The Hansens design and produce the artwork on every item they sell. Most all of their products are white with just a hint of black or grey. Merchandise includes their designs on t-shirts and clothing for all ages, gift items, handmade paper and more.

White Flowers was inspired by the historical house and garden in Homewood where the Hansens lived for 32 years.

Eric Hansen is a renowned master photographer. Much of his photography is incorporated on wall hangings and other products available in the boutique.

White Flowers is located in Suite 688 at 6200 Grand River Blvd. E next to Brooks Brothers.

For more information about White Flowers, please visit www.whiteflowers.com.

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