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America is moving away from  science.  Republican  conservatives  sorry to say, are the worst offenders with the parties candidates denying everything from  evolution, to climate change, and  that rape will  lead to a terminated pregnancy  and that  it is blessed by God. No surprise that voters shied  from this message.

Many Republicans who had advocated green energy and green jobs turned against them after they became associated with the Obama agenda. Electric vehicles, which  once enjoyed bipartisan  support became “Obamamobiles” and  John McCain's cap and trade plan became an assault on the free enterprise system. The GOP's solar talking points begin and end with Solyndra regardless of  facts.  The U.S.  Is less concerned about climate change than most countries, and it's one of the only places where you can catch a debate between politicians  whether climate change is even real.. it's Republicans who deny global warming and evolution. European conservatives don't. In fact, European conservatives don't generally hold anti-science views any more strongly than European progressives.

The GOP has taken on an anti-intellectual cast , with an authoritarian  demand for ideological conformity, regardless of what the facts say.  Case in point, Governor Perry who rejected the science of climate change while his state was on fire  after the worst droughts on record  sparked wildfires the size of Connecticut.

    And Democrats are not wholly innocent. Liberals too are too quick  to indulge in pseudoscience fear mongering about vaccinations, cell phone cancer and the latest medical fad. When either side excepts any objective test of truth, public discourse is reduced to endless bogus opinions.    

 The  roots of this conversation  have been the  conflict between environmental protection and economic growth. Or to put it in other terms, between moneyed interest groups that wish to exploit the plant, and those who fight to save it. The conflict with  the environmentalist  became a political factor when it opposed to the growth of  fossil fuel industries when special interests feared that it would interfere with its profits  and saw it as threatening the bottom line and stock holders.  Global warming is supported by 98% of climate scientists, but conservatives uniformly reject it. In fact, conservatives reject almost all environmental science.   

Much of conservative rejection of science is based on religion. Some conservatives don’t believe in evolution, so they reject the entire foundational basis of modern biology and geology. Conservatives believe  homosexuality is a lifestyle, while science suggests it is not. They say that therapy changes gay men straight, but science and logic suggests otherwise.

It’s been proven that abstinence of teen age sex  doesn’t work, but conservatives push it anyway. Denying women contraceptives will have many ill effects on society, but conservatives push it anyway. All research in public health completely rejects these theory's.

In short, almost none of the dogmas that they hold dear, hold up empirically in the scientific community. Scientists themselves increasingly have rejected conservatism. In 1965, 40% of scientists were Republicans. Now only 8% are. Conservatives in general have been opposed to change. This is because  the rules or  of history, and mankind will always move towards change in a more progressive direction.

In short, almost nothing that modern political anti- science conservatives believe, hold up empirically in the scientific community. Scientists themselves increasingly reject the political  ideology of the conservative movement. In 1965, 40% of scientists were Republicans. Now only 8% are.

The leading force of , anti-science in the US is now the Republican party. This group was once the leading edge of a movement called Progressivism in the US. This was the group that freed the slaves, emancipated women, instituted universal education, etc. And because of this fringe element within the party it lost a political race it could have won...

 Stephen Valdes lives in Pell City. Comments may be forwarded to him through emailing editor@newsaegis.com

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