Sassie is one of the many dogs that have disappeared in the Odenville aera.

Pearl Lake Road lies between Odenville and Springville off Highway 174 and in the past two months dogs have been disappearing there.

Buck Martin calls himself and his wife Serita, “true animal lovers.” They have lived on Pearl Lake Road for 24 years during which time they have picked up and cared for 43 strays that have been dropped off. “It costs a lot of money to care for multiple dogs, but we love doing it,” Buck said. “We make sure the dogs have their shots and rabies tags.”

New Year’s Eve, two of the Martin’s six dogs didn’t come home. After spending the entire night looking for them, Buck started calling and talking to others on his mile-long road. “I found out that neighbors were having dogs stolen too. I think there is a ring of it going around,” Buck said. He filed police reports all over, to Ashville and Oneonta. “I just hope they weren’t sold to dog fighting rings.”

Blue and Sassie both disappeared that night. Blue is a solid white, medium size dog with blue eyes and a curly tail that looks like the Huskie breed. Sassie is also medium sized, black and white mixed color with a curly tail. Buck found her on Pearl Lake Road. “I actually had to take my truck off road through a fence to avoid hitting her and several other puppies,” Buck said. Blue is about one and a half years old and Sassie is two. The Martins have contacted the humane society and have placed posters up all over. “I don’t care what it costs, I want my dogs back,” Buck said. “There are seven dogs that I know of that have gone missing on this road in the past year. People are talking and paying a lot more attention now.” The morning before the Martin’s dogs went missing, Buck noticed what he thought was a white Ford four-by-four on the side of the road on his property. “I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but you never know,” he said. Buck is offering a $1,000 reward for the return of his dog.

Max, Bobby and Shirley Tipton’s two-year-old black Labrador, went missing from Pearl Lake Road on December 10. Shirley said he was not spayed, stayed outdoors all day, was very friendly, active and loved to ride. “Someone might have opened their car or truck door and Max could’ve just jumped in,” Shirley said. “Max is a strong dog and he’s well trained. He’s really the grandchildren’s dog. They’re so upset.” The Tipton’s began to hear similar stories on their road, just like the Martin’s. Shirley heard one of her neighbor’s dogs was poisoned. “I feel like someone got Max,” Shirley said.

Joseph and Juanita Fleming lost their two-year-old black German Sheppard, Bo Jangles, on December 6. “Bo Jangles is a really big dog, he looks like a wolf. We kept him in the garage at night, and he never really went anywhere,” Juanita said. Around 5:30 a.m. Joseph let Bo Jangles out. They called for the dog but he had not returned at 6 a.m. “My husband said he would come back in a couple of hours, but he didn’t,” Juanita said. Bo Jangles was AKC registered and was not neutered. Juanita said he would never approach a stranger and he didn’t like other dogs around his territory. “He had a real deep bark. My husband and I moved here about seven months ago and Bo Jangles has never ran off or done anything like this.”

Buck Martin was able to connect with neighbors after they saw his flyer around the area. “I saw the flyer and I knew something was wrong right off the bat. I’ve been out on the four-wheeler and I’ve looked all around, and up and down Highway 174 both ways,” Juanita said. She also noticed a truck that passed by her home and came to a stop days before Bo Jangles went missing. “A couple of guys took off in the truck when I came out and started calling him. I didn’t know what they were doing,” Juanita said. Each dog missing from Pearl Lake Road is a good-sized dog and around two years old. “Some people without animals don’t understand that they’re like your children. I find myself looking for him all the time. What’s next? Are people going to start breaking into houses to steal animals?”

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