A motion was passed Monday at Moody City Council’s meeting, adding a 90-day extension to the city’s contract with the seller of the former Wayside Property. The extension was added for inspection and access purposes, and the city expects geo-tech studies of the land to begin this week.

The City of Moody attorney, James Hill, said that he is optimistic about the results of the inspection. According to Hill, the city is just assuring that the land is right for its needs and that there will not be added expenses once they start building. “We also want to make sure that we’re protecting tax-payer money,” said Hill.

Hill said that another issue with moving forward is the access to the land from Church Street and Highway 411. This is only an issue because of properties surrounding the land. He said that there is some dispute about where to place easements because these properties are potential sites for future commercial development. The city is hopeful to see these properties develop. And they want to place the easements in a way that will not harm future development.

Hill said that the inspection and road access issues are set to be resolved within the 90 days. However, he does not think that it will take that long to find a solution. “If the geo-tech comes back with no problems, and we solve the issues with the easements, it could definitely be sooner,” said Hill.

Though the city is not anticipating any issues with the inspection, Hill said that if there is some issue, it does not mean that the city will not purchase the Wayside land. He did say, however, that the current price of the land is contingent on the inspection results. If there are bad geo-tech results or property issues with easement, the city will request to adjust the price for the Wayside property.

In other news:

-City Councilman Jeff Green spoke to the council about the city’s current technology issues. According to Green, several of the city’s computers are outdated and will not upgrade with Windows XP. Green said that this issue means that the city will need new computers and will need to purchase new software.

Another issue Green mentioned is the city’s current email program. He said that they are currently looking for new solutions to these problems.. “The problem with new solutions,” said Green, “is we’re going to have to pay.”

-The council also discussed the Master Plan for the Wayside property. This plan includes a new library, civic center and splash pad. Mayor Joe Lee said that the council liked the layout, but the city engineer had some issues with it.

The engineer did not like that the Library and civic center would be facing each other in this plan. Lee said that this could always be changed. “We haven’t borrowed any money yet,” said Lee.

-All applications for Moody’s city clerk position have been turned in. The council will be conducting open interviews at city hall next week.




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