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“I love the diversity of it,” Nicole Anderson said of her work with ReMax Realty Pros in Pell City.

No matter how bad the real estate market may be elsewhere, Nicole Anderson isn’t complaining about conditions in Pell City.

“You’ll never hear me say anything negative about it,” she said.  “Interest rates are phenomenal, and it’s a wonderful time to buy.  Even if you lose money selling, you can make it up tenfold because of interest rates, price adjustments, and the deals you can get on a house.”

Anderson has worked in real estate for six years and was named 2010 Realtor of the Year by the St. Clair County Association of Realtors.  She is currently the organization’s president-elect.  Also a member of the Pell City Business and Professional Women’s group and the Pell City Board of Education’s advisory committee, she’s happy to talk about the things she enjoys most.

Why she enjoys selling real estate:  “I love the diversity of it.  Different people, homes, challenges, economic conditions – there’s never a dull moment.  The camaraderie among realtors here is amazing.  Where I worked in Virginia, it was like shark-infested waters.  Here, we’re like a family.”

The market here:  “Alabama was behind other states in being effected by the economic downturn, and we haven’t been hit as bad as everybody else, but we still saw prices come down.  The lake is what keeps us alive.  Prices have gone down on lake houses, but we’re still selling houses right and left.  When the market goes down, it always goes back up.”

Why she enjoys living here:  “The small-town feel.  I grew up in small town, so it gives me a sense of nostalgia.  I also love the beauty of it.  We live in a very beautiful county.”

Zumba class:  She teaches the fitness dance program twice weekly at the Pell City Civic Center.  “It’s my release.  It keeps my head on straight, and it’s a great way to meet new people.”  The Latin-inspired workout provides abdominal and cardio exercise and burns up to 1,200 calories per hour, according to Anderson. “It’s fun.  You’re so focused on dancing and moving and learning new moves, you don’t even realize that you’re pouring sweat, an hour has passed, and a thousand calories have gone down the drain.”

How she describes herself:  “What I try to be is uplifting and encouraging to other people.  I hold myself to a high standard of ethics, and I’m loyal to a fault.  I can’t stand for anyone to hurt.  And I’d say I’m energetic.  Life is meant to be lived, and I definitely live it.”   

Seizing the moment:  While attending a real estate conference in Chicago last month, Anderson attended a party given by Michigan Avenue magazine in honor of the television program Shameless, which is set in Chicago.  “It was right across the hall from our conference, and a couple of us decided to go over.  The doors were open, and we walked straight in.  We didn’t stay too long and minded our own business, but it was awesome.”

The best advice she ever received:  “From the Bible: ‘Be still, and know that I am God.’  I want to know that I’m doing what God wants me to do.  Another is, ‘Have mentors.  Don’t go at anything alone.’  What’s the old proverb?  ‘You go fast alone, but together you can go far.’”

If stranded on a desert island with one book, one CD, and one meal:  “I’d rather have a book, a book, and a meal.  The books would be Heaven is for Real (by Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent) and The Shack, by Paul Young.  I love it so much I went to Atlanta Fest to meet him and got him to autograph my copy.  The meal would be my mom’s chicken and dumplings.  They fill you up and last forever.”

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